Marking its first fashion week since the pandemic started, luxury streetwear brand Liam Hodges debuts its latest capsule collection ‘Capsule 001: Thin Ice’ developed entirely in lockdown. Testing the ways and means in which a designer can create, the collection builds on changes made in AW20 with the use of mixed artefacts and textiles embellished with industrial printing and laser techniques. Throughout the short film we are reminded of the brand's ‘responsibility to change’, to create less waste and to review our habits, things that have all become increasingly crucial in today's climate. 
It seems as though the collection invites us all to accommodate to the harsh realities of climate change, reduce our waste and move towards a better, more sustainable future. Hodges himself explains “we need to throw out the rulebook, normal is a misadventure, a re-incarnated new world awaits”, I can't think of a truer sentence to define this collection. The brand values nonconformity and resistance which is reflected in all of its designs with the use of reworked fabrics and reused materials. 
"We need to throw out the rulebook, normal is a misadventure"- Liam Hodges
The model spinning around slowly on the spherical platform in a circular motion reminds me of the globe rotating on its axis. The clothes alternate continuously as a sort of glitch emphasising the concept of this advanced, futuristic world. For me this highlights the brand’s virtual contemporary narrative and in turn a generation empowered by knowledge and self awareness.
Crocheted hats and vests using shredded vintage t-shirts, unified work shorts panelled from vintage workwear and reconstructed tees are all but a few of the garments featured in this new release. There is definitely something admirable about these almost reconstructed deconstructions, I am in awe of how Hodges has created such powerful yet daring designs utilising mostly vintage and upcycled materials. 
Although I must say that I am a little disappointed with the length of the short film. At just over a minute long the film fails to capture the true essence of this collection for me. I would have loved to have seen at least five minutes worth of video content with the models walking to fully capture the character of the garments. However, it may be said that I am myself projecting normality onto a brand that is far from normal, and wonderfully so, for it is this innovation and experimentation that gives the brand it's unique qualities.

Article written for Original Magazine, read here.

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